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Are you a real estate investor looking for motivated home sellers in your city?

LeadGeeks - Motivated home seller leads

We work with thousands of home owners each month who are looking for fast cash for their homes.

You might be already running a profitable real estate business and think to yourself, “Why change up the flow?”
Lead Geeks can help you grow, make your job easier and add to your profits. We are the fastest growing provider of off market real estate and mobile home seller leads and we pride ourselves in offering top quality leads to real estate agents, investors, and cash buyers.

We work with home owners who:

  • Don’t want to pay real estate fees

  • Have relocated or are moving fast and need to cash out

  • Mobile home owners who want cash

  • Have inherited a home and want to sell fast

  • Have listed with a realtor but the listing has expired

  • Are going through a divorce

LeadGeeks - Motivated home seller leads

Or in other words… the best motivated home seller leads that investors can find. Make more wholesale deals, find more fix & flips, buy and hold more properties with our exclusive leads!

Leads are delivered directly to you the moment they come into our system via:

SMS Messaging


CRM Forwarding

Leadgeeks FAQ

All of our leads are off-market motivated sellers – meaning they are actively looking to sell their home ASAP.

absolutely not, with the leadgeeks platform we only want to get paid for our performance, meaning no setup fee and absolutely no monthly retainer fees.

We collect the seller’s first & last name, email address, phone number, street address,  postal code, city, state, property type, MLS listing status, and asking price.

We deliver the hot leads straight to your cell phone (sms) and to your email.

Yes – in the setup process we can give you as many admins as you want to receive the texts and emails.

Most lead generation companies are looking for subscription based monthly fees and they expect a very low attrition rate. Here at LeadGeeks we know how much it costs to acquire new buyers – therefore, we build a win/win situation and are interested in the lifetime value of our relationship. we want you to make lots of money because we know that when you do you will not only love us, but you will tell your whole network of buyers how great we are doing for you!

This is the tough part; obviously we need to be able to market to get the leads coming in. WE look at several things, such as average PPC, competitor site rankings, in a nutshell (the cost it is going to take us to get high quality leads to your inbox). The lower the competition the lower the cost per lead.

You can do any of the above – although the larger the area, the more leads you get and the less the determined price will be.

We look for partners that have at least three years experience buying homes and know several ways to monetize the deal: list it on the market, flip it, wholesale it, do a land contract, and dozens more. Some of our buyers even re-sell the leads if the deal does not fit their criteria. The possibilities are endless.

Fresh leads delivered daily.

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